Lynne Yamaguchi, woodturner


Selected work: Other forms

Below are examples of other vessel forms I’ve turned. Click on an image to see multiple views of a vessel. Images without orange borders are not linked to other views. Photos are not to scale.


Sapele box with birdseye maple lid and sapele handle

Sapele box with birdseye maple lid and sapele handle, 3.18" in diameter

Mesquite box with turquoise inlay

Mesquite box with turquoise inlay, 3.13" in diameter

Curly maple box

Curly maple box, 2.75" in diameter

Zebrawood box

Zebrawood box, 1.88" in diameter

Zebrawood box

Zebrawood box, 1.81" in diameter

Beaded walnut box

Beaded walnut box, 1.63" in diameter

Walnut box

Walnut box, 1.63" in diameter

Zebrawood box with walnut lid

Zebrawood box with walnut lid, 1.88" in diameter

Vases, cups, and more

Natural-edge myrtle burl vase

Natural-edge myrtle burl vase, 9.1" tall

Olive weedpot

Olive weedpot, 9.18" tall

Acacia weedpot with turquoise inlay

Acacia weedpot with turquoise inlay, 7.06" tall

Maple burl weedpot

Maple burl weedpot, 5.5" tall

Walnut vase

Walnut vase, 1.75" tall

Jatoba cup or bowl

Jatoba cup or bowl, 1.95" in diameter

Mesquite vessel

Mesquite vessel, 4.31" tall

Spalted chilean mesquite vessel

Spalted chilean mesquite vessel, 3.88" in diameter