“In Her Dream”: Pear vessel on river rocks on sassafras base, 10.81" long, 6.75" wide

Like “Offering,” this pear vessel was turned green, then carved, and has no finish. I left the wood naked, because pear is the most sensual wood I’ve worked with, and I wanted nothing between the wood and the holder’s hands. The vessel rests on a bed of black river rocks, on a carved base of dyed, lacquered sassafras. The vessel was created at the 2007 International Turning Exchange, with the base added later, to make the piece more contained. For its inaugural exhibition, in the Wood Turning Center’s “allTURNatives” show, the piece was displayed suspended in a Japanese maple branch. Because of the difficulties of transporting the branch and mounting the piece in this way, I reconceived its context, and I think the change works even better. This is a piece you just want to stroke.