”Basin”: Redwood bowl on a painted sassafras base, 6.88"

I love this piece. The bowl is round bottomed and sits level because of the balance of the weight in the base of the bowl (a tap of the finger will set it to gently rocking). The interior of the bowl dips twice and evokes for me a sense of water accumulating in a natural stone basin. As soon as I turned it, I envisioned it on a base like this, but it took me months to find the right wood to make the base. Redwood, the wood of the bowl, is very soft and surprisingly delicate despite the majesty of the tree from which it comes. The only woods I could find that had the kind of open grain I wanted for the base—grain that would resemble water ripples when painted black—were so dense (oak, ash) that they were out of balance with the bowl. Finally, at my favorite wood supplier, Woodworkers Source, I came across a wood I hadn’t seen before—sassafras. The grain was perfect, the density was good, and when I got it home and started working on it, it was even fragrant! I carved the edges to enhance the effect I wanted, sanded it, painted it, and put the two together. It’s just what I was hoping for. (The rock is from my private collection of beach pebbles, and it comes with the piece.)